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To enable integration with the Universal Content Management (UCM), Oracle provides ‘out of the box’ web service called – GenericSoapPort.
With this WS you can execute operations like CHECKIN_NEW, DOC_INFO and more.
Attaching a policy to the WS is mandatory, as you will be obligated to add a SOAP Header user/pass.

In this post I will guide you how to attach the policy, and enable the WS. (I’m taking into consideration that IPM managed server was installed, as well as OWSM)

The steps bellow describes how to attach the required policies:

  1. From the EN, right click on your UCM managed server, and choose Web ServicesUCM DOmain
  2. Go to Oracle Infrastructure Web Services tab and click on GenericSoapPortGenericSoapPort 1
  3. Go to OWSM Policies tab, and click on Attach/Detach buttonAttach Detach Policies
  4. From the list choose: oracle/no_mtom_policy, oracle/wss_username_token_service_policy, and press okAttach wss Policy

That’s it.

Now you can test the WS from the EM:

  1. Go to Configuration tab and enable Endpoint test:Enable Endpoint Test
  2. Click on Web Service testWS Test
  3. Open the security detailed header, click on OWSM Security Policies, click on the wss policy and enter the user/pass (a user with UCM privileges)Security User Password
  4. Enter the payload and run. For example:CHECK_IN

Good Luck

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You might get the bellow erros during Oracle DB installation, or, when trying to connect Oracle DB:

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist

One of the main causes of this error is due to a wrong setting in the hosts file under /etc folder.

To solve this error, first check what is the server IP address, by running the command:

# ifconfig

From the output, copy the value of the “inet addr” parameter (for example:

Edit the hosts file under /etc folder. Add a new line, and set the host and IP, for example:


Save and try again.


Good Luck

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Oracle Database 11g Express Edition is free and can be download from here:


I’ve installed the DB on Oracle linux 6, but the explanation is good for other Linux x86-64 platform as well.

After you’ve downloaded the DB’s .rpm file, follow the next steps, in order to install the DB:


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The following steps describes how to create a JNDI location so you can use it later on your DbAdapter
(The configuration is done on Oracle EM 10g( Application Server Control):

1. Create a Connection Pool

In the EM click on your OC4J server (where Bpel PM exists in):





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As promised in my previous post – Adding HTML Attachment To An Email Activity On Bpel 10g, in this post I will explain how to poll a file from the local OS and send it as an attachment.
For my example, I’ve created a simple WORD (.doc) file and put it under my Linux server. 

So here also, create a new Bpel process and drag the Email activity into the process flow. Fill in the required information:


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In this post I will show one way to send Email notification with attachments.
This example will explain how to assign a string message that will appear on the mail as a HTML attachment.
In my next post I will explain how to read a file from your OS and send it as an attachment.

Start with creating a new bpel process. Create a new string variable and assign to it the required message that will appear later on in the HTML
(notice that you don’t need to add header/body tags):


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When dealing with large amount of instances (on one composite application or more), you can end up with slow performance
on the instances load.

I will describe, how a simple configuration can increase the performance for this issue.

Before, I would like to emphasize: performance issues on EM, can be caused from many reasons, like – wrong process plan, DB growth, lack of infra structure resources etc.
When planning processes, there is a need to take in a consideration, all of the parameters.

So, how to set those parameters – very simple:


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While developing  on JDeveloper I’ve noticed a strange behavior, that I consider as a bug.
(I could find this problem also on version, but not on previous versions)
When I tried to add another message type to my bpel component, I got a compilation error:

XML-20190: (Fatal Error) Whitespace required.

The above error was the main error, followed by other errors like:

Error(15,84): Cannot find Port Type “{http://xmlns.oracle.com/MyWorkBpel/Project3/BpelProcess1” for “project_client_ep” in WSDL Manager

The error was generated because my main bpel wsdl was corrupted.
The question now is what happened?!


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It is very problematic and annoying when you didn’t change anything on your WebLogic server (like your manage server IP), and still you get the following error:




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I’ve noticed something very interesting in the log file when the ‘GET’ operation stopped working (Poll files from remote server).
I found some errors like:

No Data to process

Error in listing files in the remote directory.
Unable to list file in remote directory.
Please make sure that the ftp server settings are correct

Caused by: BINDING.JCA-11426
Unable to enter passive mode

File Adapter testTab PollWork::run exiting, Worker thread will die


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