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A very simple but frequently asked question is: how use more then 1 human task, of the same type, in one ADF application?

Go to your ViewController project and open the file hwtaskflow.xml

Copy the hwTaskFlow element, and its content, and change the values for: WorkflowName & TaskDefinitionNamespace elements (those are the name & targetNamespace from the Human Task).


Good Luck!

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In this post I will explain what is the correct and standard way to deploy an ADF application (project) from JDeveloper.
Usually, when we want to deploy, let’s say – a SOA or a BPM project, we have to right click on the project, and deploy it to the required managed server. It can work the same way for an ADF project, but it is not the recommended way.

So, the next steps will guide through the right procedure:


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One of the great advantage in BPM Suite is the BPM Composer and its ability to build Web Forms.
(More of BPM Composer’s advantages will be discuss later on).
In this post I just want to point on something very simple, but still important.

After deploying and running your process, with the new Web Form, you will notice very fast that the form doesn’t open.

The solution for that is very simple:
Go to WebLogic Console -> Servers -> click your managed server -> Check the “SSL Listen Port Enabled” & verify that the “Listen Address” contains the host name.

Web Forms
Restart the server.

Good Luck!

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